First stop, work

What a time to be alive!

Old world conventions are questioned, values are shifting and consumer behaviour is changing accordingly. Additionally, digitalization has impacted the way we live, work, travel and consume.


About Alicia

About Alicia

Alicia is the insurance freelancers were always hoping for.

Combining solid insurance and innovative tech, we offer pay-per-use insurance products directly embedded into the work platforms freelancers are already using. It’s easier and cheaper for them, and increases their loyalty to our partners as we go.

Alicia aims to make insurance work for everyone, anywhere and at any time. It’s this big, lofty statement that we try to realise from our Rotterdam HQ every day.


Alicia’s beliefs


We love simplifying complicated new realities. To solve protection gaps at the speed we’re aiming for, simplicity is not enough. We need ultra-simplicity.

Selfishly Servant

We’ll jump in wherever we’re needed. If it’s in the background, we’ll be in the background. If it’s on-stage, we will shine. As long as we solve the issue, anything goes.

Great, not Good

People trust us with critical issues. We do not take this lightly. We strive for great, not good.

Our recruitment process


Submit your application

To start, tell us who you are what you could contribute to Alicia.


Meet the recruiter

Our recruiter contacts you for a chat. Together, you'll explore all things Alicia and determine if you fit the requirements for the role.


Interview with team Alicia

In the first interview - set up as a chemistry session - you'll meet your hiring manager and a potential colleague from your team.


Business case

The next step is to work on a business case that focuses on a topic related to your role. We'll send you a brief beforehand, after which you'll have a couple of days to prep your case.


Final Interview

In the second and final interview you'll present your business case to the hiring manager and potential team member. Afterwards, we'll dive into the nitty gritty of role-specific topics.



Congrats, you've come a long way. In the next step, we'll make you an offer.



Once we're done, it's time to celebrate with your new team: welcome to Alicia!


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